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Abacus Learning Center

Mental arithmetic system is a modern concept of an ancient art of mental maths and is perfect solution.

Teacher's Training

Expert teachers are aware of what they are doing; they monitor and adjust their teaching behaviours.

Abacus Concept

Do fast calculation while visualizing the image of Abacus without any help of paper and pen.

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Great business opportunity for ladies, housewives & professionals to showcase their entrepreneurial skills.

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Welcome to the world of
Brain ‘n’ Abacus

Mental arithmetic system is a modern concept of an ancient art of mental maths and is perfect solution for your child’s total brain development which results into increased speed and accuracy, concentration, analyzing and photographic memory skills and better academic performance in all subjects.
All this is done with the help of ancient tool – “ABACUS”. Abacus is a mathematical tool that is used to do the basic arithmetic calculation such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The tool is made up of rods with beads, framed all around.

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Mrs. Vaishali Barnwal


What Parents Say

We wish you and your organisation grow in all aspects of the way to reach more kids. Abacus is a very interesting subject. It increases calculating speed to a great extent. It has 8 levels to be completed in 3 to 4 years. My daughter M. Sanjana has completed 3rd level successfully, waiting eagerly for level 4th.
Ranjana mam is very efficient, energetic and young trainer, we and our kids are impressed by her way of teaching.

Mrs. Sridevi Mahesh Mother of M. Sanjana

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The Abacus school is a school which develops mental ability of child. I heard this from various sources and decided to get the benefits for my grandchild. My grandson Rohan Mathur is attending regular classes in abacus, with the hope he will certainly get the maximus benefits our of them.
I am very thankful to the administration of Abacus for taking a noble course.

A. K. Mathur D-19, Indira Nagar, Lucknow

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My Daughter joined Brain 'N' Abacus Classes in year 2013. Her mental Calculation has improved a lot and she is doing very well. She has improved very much at mathematics also.
This is very good course which makes a child extra ordinary in class. To calculate big sums, children take much time but by joining abacus they can do sums within no time.
I wish all the children of abacus class all the best for their future.

Dayashakar Singh Father of Srishti Singh, Level-VIII

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My Daughter was doing just fine in academics and I never thought of getting extra help for her. But my daughter wanted to join ABACUS as some of her friends were going there. I will say that I never regretted about my decision of sending her to abacus class. There is definitely improvement in her Calculation, Mainly accuracy and speed. Abacus has also helped her in mental calculation. I world recommend this to all parents.

Pooja Tripathi Mother of Kriti Tripathi, Level-IV

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We want to thank Abacus class from the core of heart for taking care of our kid in this magical world of numbers. Our son has been attending this outstanding program for the last 4 year and 2 months. He has no calculation problems in maths. He has built up comfort, speed and accuracy and confidence in big and small calculations. Abacus mental maths has not only benefitted him in maths, also helped him to focus on other areas.

Sanjay Kamthan (Father) of Ansh Kamthan, Level-VI

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I am glad to inform you that because of 'Abacus Classes' my ward's calculation in mathematics has been improved. He is able to solve big calculation without using a pen or pencil. Your faculty is doing a good job and I appreciate a lot, I am totally satisfied with your classes. I am looking a good future of my ward in your classes. Abacus has helped my child to do sums more easily, now he can do sums more faster.

Yash Pandey's Father Nainital

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Abacus has given me new method of doing sums on the tool as well as mentally, it has really improved my speed and mental strength. I developed my whole brain through this method. Now I don't have to use a rough column for doing sums, it has improved my overall skills. Thanks to Ms. Priyanka for teaching us so friendly this subject.

Divyanshu Kirti Champion's Academy, Nainital

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My Daughter Arushi Mishra student of Max Mind Academy Vrindava Yojna (Brain N Abacus). I am highly thankful to the teacher for helping my duaghter in her calculations and making her more focussed in her studies. she cleared all her doubts whenever required.... with her helps and kind support my daughter was able to clear her 5 levels of Abacus. There is really no words to express my gratitude towards her.


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