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When Brain ‘N’ Abacus Took Existence

Krishna agrawal director brain n abacus

The journey of Brain 'N' Abacus started from the end of 2006 when the very first time I came to know about the concept of mental arithmetic based on abacus; then I decided to run this program. By making so many efforts, querries and researches, the Brain 'N' Abacus started taking shape.

In order to do something we have to want it. If we want something, we will endure all struggles and pain that come with it. Brain 'N' Abacus aims to make each and every child benefitted from this amazing skill. To reach the goal will take much of our efforts of wanting, choosing and committing our actions.

It makes me delighted to see one or the other child going after completing this course of long duration with a heartful appreciation.

I thank God for giving us the vision and strength to start Brain 'N' Abacus and I must thank every individual who has supported and cooperated with us in bringing Brain Abacus till here. I wish and hope that with this kind support our efforts in Brain 'N' Abacus will be going on to reach the greater heights.

Krishna agrawal director brain n abacus

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